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Higher exposure, engagement and substantial monetization.

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Benefit from Kuadio

Realize your content value

Every word on your site is valuable. It should be enjoyable by the readers and turned into profits for the site owner - that’s you.

Engage visitors

Engagement means the interaction and follow-up results triggered by your contents – such as reading time, number of stories read, and, most importantly, future visits.

Monetize with quality

With advertisements from TenMax and other qualified partners, we only place ads from respectable clients, and we clearly mark sponsored links to avoid misconception as well as to eliminate ineffective clicks.

Precise recommendation from Kuadio, anytime, anywhere.

Kuadio recommend the right content to the right person at the right time with appropriate layout on all screens, providing excellent explore experience for your audience.

Features of Kuadio

Actionable report

The Kuadio Audience Report gives you an overview on the performance of your stories, which enables your editors to focus on the ones with the highest value and to grow your traffics right away.

Helpful Consultants

Kuadio has consultents in your area, providing timing help with both marketing and technic profession.

Flexible applications

You have full control over Kuadio on your site. you can put it at the end articles, on the side bar or anywhere you like. You may choose to customize the layout and how recommendations are generated.

Grow Traffic significantly with Kuadio

Kuadio is also a traffic growth tool for your editorial team. You can perform content marketing tasks and make profitable topics viral to spread your ideas easily and flexibly.


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